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tv   Gridiron Club President Clarence Page Interview  CSPAN  August 26, 2015 3:20pm-3:35pm EDT

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>> host: yeah. it maybe the lesson of the trump surge. is that the feel that it should be? >> guest: he's an impressive guy but hasn't nominated the way the teamed hopes. walker, ted cruz. cruz is actually rising. walker has had a few tough weeks. none of r them has quite clicke. trump is so dominated in the news. that's fine. a week before labor day. they need to sort of look in the mirror a little bit and when they get lamenting because all the publicity to trump -- walker
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has a proposal. but it's a worked-out proposal. it does help people with no type of insurance who are lower income but it involves -- anyway t debate is people are more concerned about tax rates, other republicans have different concerns of tax credit. i think they can just do a better job as a candidate and ignore donald trump for a while. it's obama care. one of the things that we dislike. lets have a debate about it. i'll come on tv and discuss obama care.
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>> host: richard, independent.yo you're on theca air, go ahead. >> caller: my first question and i'll will as quick as i can, will you support donald trump if he wins the republican nomination and i am a or was a 42-year democrat union construction worker and i voted republican this last november my life.irst time in now i voted because i was upset with barack obama lie to go me -- lying to me about the affordable care act. i lost my doctors, i lost everything. i said enough is enough. then i got to looking at the debt, i looked at my isndchildren, what the world going to be there for them. my grandson in 15 years will be 18my year's old right when irans getting ready for this nuclear power for them and then i look at mitch and what he has not
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done, nothing on the affordable care act, he has given away the ability for congress to have the two-thirds, now it's just the opposite. now congress has to have -- i'm a little confused, i think you know what i'm talking about. >> guest: yes, sir. >> caller: if you're holding your knows at donald trump, i'm done with the democrats and i want some conservative leadership, something that's -- something that's going to work to save this country for my grandchildren.o i'm no man now. i want somebody who is going to say -- we are going to do everything we can to make sure that there is a future for your grandchildren and will you support donald trump, and i really admire the work you do, although i'm don't always agree with you, i promise you, i am on board now. >> host: okay, richard.
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all right. >> guest: he speaks for a will the of people and i think that some unhappy are based on excessive hopes with what you can doss with barack obama still as president. he's a strong president. he is not yielding on anything and the president has a lot of power. i share only the criticisms specially on iran, getting into this requiringle the two-thirds vote to overturn what president obama had signed instead of treating it as a treaty. i think it's a mistake. so, i mean, i'm -- do gentlemen finds republican nominee who speaks to his concerns. i have grandchildren and don't want them to grow up if we go on
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this path. would i vote for donald trump, i don't know. i wouldn't vote for hillary clinton. i couldn't vote for the democrats running. i know a lot of people who like donald trump, respect donald trump. i certainly like them. i'm not convinced that he's the best republican nominee, i think you really a need to see if he wins. at that point is exactly what am i going to do about ab or c. he wasn't my choice. he's not my style, but you know, he'd be better than the
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alternatives. maybe another conservative would run or something like that. i'm not the one criticize trump. i'm not sure i can vote for rand paul. i don't hate rand paul, i don't turn up my nose. they have a different view of the world that i do. i'm not a republican official anyway. i don't have to vote -- say i would vote for rand paul necessarily. i feel the same way about trump. trump really stays up to 25%, wins iowa, looks like he's going to win iowa. don't do well when they get to that level. howard blew up basically. ronald reagan, people turn the
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spotlight on him. he knew what he was talking about. he's a serious guy. he was a strong conservative but he could defend them. that would be the question for donald trump. >> host: a couple of stories to show. bide -- biden considering a run. he's going to have a conference and likely to come up and support what the president has done on that. >> biden is pretty impressive, i'd rather say. so you get the detail which has to come from either the vice president himself or someone very, very close to biden family. we get the account of the biden
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meeting on saturday. only two people in that meeting. we get a sense that they were having an interesting talk about whether she needs -- he should run. thenni you have with president obama yesterday. we give the sense that president obama gave blessing in away. i mean, the moment i saw -- i thought he was going to run. i do think he wants to run. he's run before. i think he will run and it shows how much, you know, no, hillary clinton, that's not thnte case anymore. it's a real race. the question is if biden gets in, wait six weeks or october. the first democratic debate is october 13, so he'll get in before that. it makes me wonder whether he
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will get in sooner, labor day. biden has been there for decades obviously at that parade. he has lots of support. it will be dramatic white-working class guy, nice contrast to hillary, i think. butin he hasn't done that well when he has run for president. if he does well or pretty well, at that point, early october with clinton saunders and biden each 30% in the polls. at that point i think elizabeth has to look in the mirror and say, really, shouldn't i run. democratic party wants hillary clinton with all her baggage, bernie saunders is 73 year's old and joe biden a
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71-year-old guy that has run before. .. andoments some people come to what a party wants at a certain time. i am not a liberal or a democrat so it's hard to put myself in their shoes. i talked to a trough a lot of liberals and democrats and elizabeth warren is where the party is print she won dramatically in 2012 and is anti-wall street and has an i and other issues and would be the first woman president. that's a good one to nominate. sometimes an life, if you want to do something the way it ends up, i think elizabeth warren in october could get in the race after biden. in biden getting establishing the principle that the field is not closed. in, why can't she get in?
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he could do well and could win the nomination. formidable ticket with the two of them but also maybe he does not do so well and elizabeth warren could get in and she's the one they have been waiting for. it would excite you as a liberal democrat to have elizabeth warren in 2016. host: let's get b >> host: let's get back to calls. bill in virginia beach. hi, bill. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. i'll try to make this as brief as possible. there's always more to say than of time to say. due to the benghazi incident, the agreement with iran and the wonderful aca bill that everybody voted for nobody read world least not all the way through, i just cannot allow myself to vote for any democrat at this point in time. i'm going to vote republican. it may not be the person who gets the nomination by the
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republican national committee, may not be my first choice button gwinnett to go with the republican nominee. i would not, i would try to talk myself out of taking an assignment as ambassador ship under this presidency. i would also like to try to save the national debt because we might implode ourselves from within. we will have to worry about iran. i would like, the cabinet of how how much it might decrease the national debt by getting rid of obamacare and putting something better in its place, how much it would save us honor national debt? >> guest: i think the walker plan was complicated and controversial. it would certainly save some money compared to obamacare. i think the trillion dollars over 10 years is one instrument. we have $18 trillion national
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debt. -will be a better health care system and will have more cost controls. look, this caller and the caller before, the first time he voted republican i think he said the last election is why i'm optimistic republicans and 2016. generally speaking voters like to turn over the white house after eight years anyway. i don't think president obama will leave with a very high approval rating, nor should you. joe biden will have been his life president for eight years. hillary clinton if she's the nominee will have been is sector a state for the first four years. i think she's responsible for some of the foreign policy catastrophes. bernie sanders i don't think, he's just too far ahead of the mainstream. actually think those with worn would be the strongest nominee because she would to be a clean break. she was a president obama -- i
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think she's also left wing and if it would be a good race. she might be the strongest. i think republicans are in good shape. i'm a little, many republicans, talking to her own readers, but still, no one has quite caught on among the candidates. so man up catch on and will end up with the one who went and they will be fine. i sort of feel like we're waiting for one of these candidates, walker or ted cruz or review, someone who hasn't gotten in yet, the democrats once a week in like republicans, who would really catch fire. trump is what has caught fire. infinitely is probably obscure the efforts of the other ones. i've said before. i don't think you will end up being the nominee but he's entitled to run, and type of to fight. i admire him wasting. i admire the way which he just seems


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